Can The Magic Of Love Desist From Our Lives

Do you know what makes everything possible? The simple answer to this is…..LOVE. Yes, love makes everything possible. Love is an elixir of life.

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I LOVE YOU…! These are the three magical words our life revolves around and shapes it. True love enhances and spices up our lives.

Love is magical. It is the essence of our lives. It is a heavenly gift. Love drives our lives. It gives meaningful purpose to our being.

Nowadays, when we speak of love, we get to hear____love hurts, no one loves me, true love doesn't exist, love has vanished from my life, after being for so many years in a relationship__now there is no spark in it etc etc.

Some people feel that there is no such thing called love. They have issues about building trust. It might be because of their early life experiences. The environment in which they were grown up. It also depends on their upbringing.

Does love really disappear from our lives? No, it does not, love is within us, it gets shadowed by the daily hustle and bustle of our lives. We underestimate the power of love.

What is love

Love is the very being of our lives. It is very hard to put exactly in words what love is. There are so many neurologists and scientists with different concepts of love. In simple words, love means to bring out the best in each other.

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Is love an emotion or feeling

Most of the people believe that love is an emotion. However, according to Dr Helen Fisher and her team of scientists love is not an emotion. She says love is a drive. What is the drive? An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.

Why do we fall in love

The point is here, the need. The need is__ something that is required because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable. From the moment we are born, we develop a special bond with our mother. The bond of love, warmth and touch. For every little thing, the toddler depends on the mother. The newborn recognizes the mother by her touch.

At every stage of life, we need love. We fall in love because our minds are wired for it. We need love as much as we need other things for existence. Here I don't mean that one cannot live without romantic love but to experience the true bliss of life it is necessary.

Subconsciously you like the genes of another person. How the other person smells matters. We prefer partners who smell similar to our parents.

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Love Science

When we fall in love, the judgmental part of our brain shuts down. We do not judge them as we normally do, we adore them for who they are. That might be the reason why love is called blind.

Dr. Helen Fisher says, an individual falls in love in three stages. Lust, attraction and attachment. All these three stages involve different hormones, and they play a vital role.

The hormones that make us go high in love are oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. Oxytocin hormone is known as the love hormone or cuddle hormone. It stirs up the feeling of affection towards the person you are in love with. It promotes well being and strengthens the bond. It also acts as an anti-anxiety hormone.

Dopamine and serotonin are happy hormones. Falling in love activates the pleasure points in the brain. It also activates the reward system of the brain. Dopamine makes us energetic and euphoric.

According to Pat Mumby__Phd, professor at Loyola University Chicago," falling in love causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific reactions."

As emotions change according to the situations, love is not an emotion. True love does not change. It is not at the mercy of circumstances. If it changes then it's not true love?

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Real love survives all the tragedies of life. In the toughest situations, the bond becomes stronger. It’s a soul to soul connection if it’s true love.

We experience true love from the moment we are born. Love is all around us, siblings love, parental love, friends love, husband-wife love, girlfriend-boyfriend love, self-love, pet love.

Love makes the impossible into possible. There are so many examples of couples who have grown together being madly in love from rags to riches. They have passed every hurdle of life together and accomplished everything that life has to offer and a blissful being. You might be thinking I will quote a few examples here. I would leave that for you.

When love is true it does not shackle us, but it liberates us. We become much more vibrant and focused to achieve things in life. True love is the marriage of souls. The universe pumps in all its abundance into such souls.

As couples in romantic love grow together over the years, it's effects are positive on the brain. Love has healing power too. Overall life improves. It has got a lot of health benefits too. Being in true love is the recipe for ecstatic life.

Since I was into the leisure and hospitality industry, my work involved meeting couples and having one to one conversations with them. Having deep conversations with couples of different age groups was incredible.

Most of the couples spoke their hearts out. Few of them were shy and sat apart from their partners. A few of them would behave as if no one is sitting beside them, completely ignoring their partners.

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The most fascinating part of my job was when I used to get into deep conversations with couples around the age group 65-85. The moment I used to see a few couples, they defined the perfect example of life. Lively, glowing, complementing each other and very much in love.

When I asked them what was the secret for their blissful life, most of them replied:

1. Whenever one of us is at fault, we forgive.

2. There is so much of love in us, there is no place for doubt.

3. We are still working, if not in offices or a proper job, but doing what we love….providing consultation or running an NGO.

4. If need be we share our daily chores.

5. We do some physical activities like running, jogging and sometimes hitting the gym or yoga and meditation.

6. In a year for six months, we are on vacation.

7. We are independent, we don't expect anything from our children and neither do they expect anything from us.

Love never vanishes from our lives. Its abode is in us. If you have love in life, you will have everything you desire.

But in the race of life, we ignore the importance of love. We think once we have everything love will find us. But the fact is once you have true love beside you, everything you wish will be yours. Because love motivates you to do the impossible, it gives you the strength to sustain through challenging times.


When God created Adam, why did he feel the need to create Eve? Give it a thought.



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