Know at What Stage of Love You Are With These 12 Degrees of Love

Know different degrees of love to find where your parachute of love has landed or is about to land.

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Are you in love? At whatever stage of love you might be, it sometimes makes you feel elated, and sometimes it gives a sweet pain. There are 12 various stages of falling in love.

One emotion that is very dear to every human is love. Love knows no bounds, and it gives you wings to fly higher in life. No single soul is untouched by love.

There is something magical about love. Knowing these 12 degrees of love will help you understand how immense and profound your passion is for the other person.

According to the Arabic language, there are 12 degrees of love. When you get to know about the stage of your love, you can figure out, can your passion go beyond the degree you are in right now? You might be wondering, what are the 12 different degrees of love?

These are the various stages of love that Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, and Heer-Ranjhan experienced and were madly in love with each other. Their love was eternal, and they were inseparable. Love was, is, and will always be an inspiration for most poets and authors.

I am an ardent fan of William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, and John Keats. I recently came across Nizar Gabbani’s poetry and the different degrees of love you can find in his poetry.

Here are the 12 degrees of love:

Attraction (Al Hawa)

It is the first stage of love, where you fall for the other person. This stage of love in Arabic is known as “Al Hawa.” At this stage, love is not firm, and it can either rise or fall. The attraction can last for a short time or longer, making you feel high on emotions.

Amusement (Al Sabwa)

Al Sabwa is the stage before the lovers declare their love for each other. By being in their zones and enjoying the companionship of each other. It has no name but can flourish later on.

Attachment (Al Alaqah)

In this stage, love becomes attached to your heart. The love for another person starts taking place in your heart.

Infatuation or Fondness (Al Kalaf)

Love begins to become real and intensifies in this stage. Love starts to have a physical effect on the lover. A situation in which you begin to experience difficulty and distress.

Desire or Adoration (Al Ishq)

At this stage, love completely blinds the lover. Love starts ruling the lover’s heart, and he does not see any imperfections in his lover. Love begins to diffuse the heart and empowers his emotions.

Passion (Al Shaghaf)

Love intensifies to such an extent that it starts to feel like fire. The burning covers the entire heart, and it is pleasurable.

Adulation (Al Oshok)

In this stage, you develop extreme love and respect for your lover. Your heart sees nothing but the beauty of the beloved. It starts ignoring everything but the special one. Lovers become so familiar that they start enjoying the company of each other.

Friendliness (Al Wodd)

In this stage, lovers are friends too. There is nothing hidden between them. They find the company of their lover more satisfying, and it is the purest form of love.

Sorrow or Grief (Al Jawaa)

In this stage, the love, which was just on the outer layer of the heart, penetrates deep inside the heart. It feels like sorrow and grief from within. You do not feel hungry and deprive yourself of food.

Enslavement (Al Taym)

You begin to love your lover to such an extent that your heart gets enslaved to your beloved. You could not think anything else beyond them.

Disorder (Al Tadleeh)

In this stage, you lose control of yourself and your sense of reasoning. Your heart goes entirely in a state of chaos and cannot figure out things. You become restless and cannot focus on a particular item. You go into a state of confusion and cannot figure out which path to choose.

Madness or Insanity (Al Hoyam)

It is the final stage of love, where love has completely overtaken you. You have no control over yourself. Love begins to rule you. That is why people say, “I am mad in love.” When someone tells you, “I am madly in love with you.” You know how deep their love is for you.

Love has not only inspired writers and poets but awed the researchers. Find out what Dr Helen Fisher (A prominent American anthropologist human behaviour researcher) has said about love.

I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

— Paulo Coelho

If you have found someone, do not shy away from confessing your love to that person this love season. And I would love to know your views on what love is?

Three Cheers to Love



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