Life Will Dump You If You Ignore These 5 Things

One of the best things about life is, it gives us choices. These choices make us or break us.

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A very simple rule of life:

Learn and apply to flourish in life or ignore and get dumped.

What would you choose?

Life is made up of time. An average lifespan of a human is 79 years. 79 years consist of 948 months. If you count in days then it’s 28,854.158 days. How did you use them till now? How many are left in your kitty?

Relax, don’t panic. Whatever you have used count it as an experience, and now you can make the most of the remaining….what say?

Life is a beautiful gift. You unwrap it daily, and a lot of surprises unfold. These surprises are new opportunities, obstacles, criticism, blessings and many more. How well you use them defines you.

Take care of these 5 things, they will help you to excel in life.


Do not trust others easily. People make friends with you for their personal gains. Once the purpose is over, they leave you. This does not mean you should not make friends. Making friends and whom to trust is a different ball game.

Every relationship is built on trust. But trusting each person you meet is not good. Not everyone you meet deserves to be trusted. Once people get to know you are naive and trust others easily, they begin to take advantage of you.

I have seen my parents suffer by trusting the wrong person. They believed in one of our relatives blindly with money. At that time I was a kid. They paid it hugely and for a long time. I have seen my parents going through hell from being a kid to the age of a teenager. That is the price my parents paid, a couple of precious years of their life.

The big question is, how will we know the other person is trustworthy. You can find out by noticing their behavioural patterns.

Traits of a trustworthy person

1. If the person is empathetic, then you can rely on him. Empathetic people respect the feelings of others.

2. You can rely on a person who doesn't change statements often.

3. Trustworthy people do not try to take control of others.

4. They will always be there for you when you need them. They don't turn their back on you.

5. They are truthful and frank in their talk.

6. Our gut feeling and intuition will also help us.


Why do we postpone doing things? Simple, we have made it a habit of doing things later. The habit of procrastination will land us in trouble both professionally and personally.

As you know everything has to be done, when the need is. People don't value a person who puts on things for tomorrow. You may lose a big project for which you have been waiting for a long time, because of the attitude of putting things aside for later.

I'll do it later, acts as a block in your journey of life. When things get piled up, and you try to finish them at the nick of the moment it adds to a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety. This, in turn, leads to incomplete work and gives a hard blow to your reputation. Sometimes loss of a lifetime opportunity.

How to break the habit of procrastination

1. A day before writing down all your tasks before you go to sleep.

2. Prioritize your work for the day.

3. Do the hardest task first thing in the morning, as you have a lot of energy. If the task is big, break it into small parts.

4. Celebrate and reward yourself once you complete the task.

5. Keep your deadline for the task two days before the original or real deadline.


Can you remember the last time, when you came outside of your comfort zone to do something? We are scared to do things which we are not used to or something new that involves risk.

Playing safe holds us back from doing anything where there is a risk, out of fear. We start analyzing things, and it’s human nature to avoid something that is risky. Recollect the time when you didn’t take the risk of doing something and later on regretted. Think of that one incidence if you would have dared to do, your life would have been super awesome and happening.

Playing safe stops us from leading our dream life. Our mind is wired to protect us from anything that is unknown, the mind considers it as a risk. So it feels comfortable to be in the comfort zone.

We try to play safe because of fear. Fear of failure, fear of what people would think if we do not come out successful, fear of rejection, fear of responsibility that would come with success.

Analysing which risk is worth taking is important. For example, it is sheer stupidity to jump into the sea during the high tide. So before taking any risk, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself does it involve any physical harm. If not then go for it.


Did this thought ever cross your mind, if you know how to manage money well when you were young? Your life would have been totally different. We do not give much importance to financial education.

In our day to day life, more than knowing about photosynthesis, it is important to gain financial knowledge. Because money plays a vital role in all spheres of our lives. Our success and freedom depend on how well we handle our finances.

According to Beth Kobliner, author of the book “GET A FINANCIAL LIFE,” children should be given knowledge about handling money. She says children as young as three years old can learn how to save and spend money.

Financial literacy provides you with the skill to manage your money well. If you get this knowledge at an early age, it will help you to make better decisions in life. It will make your life stable both personally and professionally.

If we lack financial education and do not know how to handle money properly, we may mess up everything in mid-life. And it would sometimes take a lifetime to regain. Being financially fit is as important as physical and mental fitness.


A mediocre person finds an excuse in everything. He is happy to lead an average life. He has a negative mentality. Mediocre people get scared to go into the unknown and explore new opportunities. They regret later on in life.

If you surround yourself with people of mediocre mentality, you too get influenced by them. As you know, if you aspire to be a good cricketer or an extraordinary entrepreneur you should flock with people who are already doing well in their fields.

You cannot achieve big things in life by being in the company of people with mediocre mentality. This mentality is contagious, so it’s better to avoid the company of such people. They drain your energy by speaking negatively and explaining how doing a particular thing is difficult.

Flock with people who are positive, vibrant, enthusiastic and complete their task on time. Such people do not settle for less. They demand extraordinary efforts not only from others but from themselves too. These are the people who achieve success and nothing can stop them from living their dream life.


Life is fascinating. But it is up to us how we lead it. What I believe is living our lives to the fullest is an art, that only a few knew it or master it.

Happy living.